Wine tasting

Wine lovers are welcome to go treasure hunting in the old wine cellars of the castles. A wine tasting contains information about the wine making process, the grape varieties used in wine-making and how to preserve optimal taste. The person in charge of the tasting, may treat you to some old stories about the castles - maybe even ghosts stories.

Wine tasting is a great alternative to the drink before dinner and can also be arranged as a competition in "blind tasting".

 Wine Tasting -


  • Chile & Romania
  • 5 wines: DKK 125 - 3 wines: DKK 95.
  • France & Italy
  • 5 wines: DKK 250 - 3 wines: DKK 195.

Visit to the wine cellar can be combined with a historical tour and gastronomy in the kitchen.

An extended wine tasting is also available for an additional charge DKK 125. This includes a buffet of home breed Angus delicacies, various cheeses and Italian specialities.