Gastronomy course

The chef arranges gastronomical classes, where the participants will have the possibility to learn how to cook gastronomical dishes. The duration of the classes ranges from 2 to 3 hours.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn, how to handle raw ingredients and how to cook fine cuisine and to create new dishes. The class will inspire you to develop your own culinary style. The participants who are already in the industry, are the target group of this course. 

Gastronomy courses can be arranged at all hotels where guests are invited into the castle kitchens. Participants of a gastronomy course are taught about kitchen traditions and areas of running a castle as seen on television shows like Downtown Abbey and Upstairs & Downstairs.

A cooking class begins with the division into teams followed by an introduction with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Second step on the tour is the rotation of the teams on a gastronomy course, starting out in the kitchen where the chef will guide the participants in the preparation of tonight's menu. Following will be a tour of the wine cellar with a wine tasting and introduction to the wines and their background. Final stop on the tour is the restaurant where the waiter will tutor the teams in formal arrangements of tables and cutlery, flower decorations and traditional custom and serving. The course can get expanded with a fourth element after request. 

Gastronomy Courses from Danske Slotshoteller

Courses are arranged according to the selection of castle and the division into teams. From 12 to 99 participants. 

Price: DKK 295 pr. person including tools, commodities and drinks as listed above.

Danske Slotshoteller