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Vraa Slotshotel

Vraa Slotshotel

The Castle is located near Tylstrup to the North of Aalborg. It is, built in 1645, is surrounded by a moat and is located in an old manor park. Vraa Castle Hotel houses a cozy restaurant that has been renovated with much care and respect for its original style and design and with an exit opening up to the terrace and castle gardens. The Great Hall is situated on the ground floor in the main wing next to the bar and lounges.

Located in Vendsyssel, 20 minutes from Aalborg Airport and a few minutes drive from the highway leading North and South, Vraa is easily accessible. The historic salons and halls are a beautiful setting for meetings, conferences and family events. For meetings and conferences, please click here.

All rooms are newly renovated with canopy beds and a view of the park and the moat. The castle houses 100 sleeping guests divided between rooms and suites.


Attractions in the area

Vraa is located in Northern Jutland by Store Vildmose, near Brønderslev and Aalborg, only 15 minutes drive from Blokhus, where you can find one of the best bathing beach in the country.

Golfing, put and take fishing or a day trip to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland are some of the popular activities in the area. Many of the attractions in North Jutland are within a short drive.


In olden times in the township of Kær, a number of free farms lay outside the village community. This community was referred to as "Vraa" for the first time in 1355. Under Skipper Clement they became part of a rebellion and was sentenced to cursory confiscation of property in 1535 making them peasants of the king. Vraa was formed from the confiscated lands and the castle was mentioned as a royal residence for the first time in 1553.

Councillor Predbjørn Gyldenstjerne bought Vraa from the King in 1600 and created the manor as one of Northern Jutland's grandest manors. He bred horses at the manor until 1616 when it was inherited by his daughter Jytte who married Christian Grubbe. In 1624 she sold it to the Council of the Realm.

Vraa became private property a few decades later. Ide Lindenov and Steen Beck built the main wing in 1645 and decorated the facade with their coat of arms. In the late 1700-hundreds a secret was found on the North side of the main wing. The moat encircling the castle was constructed in 1650.

Daughter Kirsten Lindenov, married Rodsten, inherits in 1674 and owns it until her death in 1719.

Daughter Else Elisabeth Rodsten inherits and dies in 1730.

Niece Birgitte Bille inherits and marries Count Holck in 1733.

Son Burchard Georg Holck expands the main wing with a frontipiece and two side wings. He died heir-less in 1785.

Widow Mariane Dorethe, born Trappaud, is the owner of Vraa until 1808. The legend says that she still haunts the castle looking for her child who drowned in the moat.

1810 - Hans Svanholm parcels out the estate into several farms. The principal lot was Gammel Vraa.

1842 - 1848: A W Schönau, also owns Store Restrup

1853 - 1907: C F Bang and his son F S M C Bang

1977 - 2005: Chris Hillingsø converts the castle into a hotel

2005 - 2009: The castle shifts between different owners

2009 - present: The castle was bought by Vraa Castle Hotel ApS - under Sophiendal Manor, which is owned by the Lokdam family and is a part of Danske Slotshoteller.

Relief with the Beck and Lindenov family's coat of arms is still displayed at the building's foundation in 1645 and on the wall behind the fireplace in the salon. A motto goes: "God's Good Spirit and Strong Hand Maintain Men and House From Drop and Gust From Hostile Violence". Read more...

Legends from Vraa Slotshotel

A carriage kept crossing the bridge. People believed that it was the count, who came back after something he forgot to take with him to the other life. One dag the owner of Vraa Castle had had enough of the nightly ride and put up a trap for the ghost. A red uniform jacket was fastened with a nail to the gable of the wing. The following day, the jacket was gone and the horse riding had stopped.

Now and then a white lady can be seen walking through the salons. She is told to be Mariane Dorethe looking for her child who drowned in the moat.

The best stories are heard in the mornings as the guests have breakfast and talk about what they have experienced during their stay at the castle.